A proven framework for a lasting and thriving marriage, even when it feels hopeless.

Trusted by 20,000+ women over the last 20 years.

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There are only six skills you need to master to have a lasting and thriving marriage.

In fact, most struggling relationships end in divorce because no one ever taught you these skills. Ridiculously Happy Wife gives you an unfair advantage by showing you how to:

  • Change the culture of your home life
  • Feel heard and supported, in ways that you didn’t think were possible
  • Create more intimacy and emotional safety
  • End the tension and fighting in your home
  • Attract his time, attention, and affection
  • Fall in love all over again
  • Restore your confidence, dignity, and femininity
  • Keep your marriage
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“I’m looking back today at what my marriage was like when I first started the skills two months ago and it’s mind blowing the changes that have happened already. Divorce talk has been over since week 1. All of the huge ‘insurmountable’ issues are gone. My #1 desire has always been stability and peace in my home. I have it. It seemed like this would never be part of my marriage just two months ago!” Amber, Empowered Wife

Get access to the skills, a powerful community of like-minded women, and unlimited group coaching from our certified marriage coaches to help you through your unique challenges.

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Experience the Connection Framework

THE SIX INTIMACY SKILLS® – The first part of The Connection Framework is the Six Intimacy Skills. Learning these will be where you start to experience dramatic changes in your marriage. The video portion is on-demand, and you can access it anytime—on your phone, on your tablet or desktop, whenever is convenient for you. There are 4 modules with over 20 videos with all the secrets, and proven specific actions that have worked for tens of thousands of women worldwide to reignite the intimacy, passion and peace in their marriage. You also get 6 downloadable workbooks—every module includes written exercises to help you apply the material to your unique situation.

THE RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY WIFE COMMUNITY – This is an exclusive, private community only available to our active members and coaches. You’ll be in a group with women who are supportive and equally committed to creating a lasting marriage. It’s an extremely safe group and that means no one can see what’s posted in there except the members, so you can share authentically and there’s no judgment.


COACHING – This is where you’ll get unlimited group coaching led by certified coaches every month and access to adding private sessions if you want. Through coaching, you’ll be able to solve your problems quickly, instead of being stuck in the mud trying to do it all yourself. This is where so many women who thought that this was NOT going to work for them find out that it absolutely DOES. They just needed help discovering the behaviors that they were unaware of that were putting their marriage at risk.

PAY IT FORWARD – The fourth pillar of the Connection Framework is paying it forward. So not just hearing what other women are doing, but hearing yourself share your experience and supporting them also unlocks the magic of this program. You’re going to get and give encouragement to stay the course even when those old behaviors creep in. There is no judgment here because we are standing for your marriage, whatever it takes.

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What’s Included

Access to The Connection Framework:

  1. Immediate access to 6 Intimacy Skills training ($1,497 value)
  2. Ridiculously Happy Wife Online Community ($297/mo value)
  3. Unlimited group coaching calls every month ($2,800/mo value)
  4. A place to share your wins and pay forward your experience and success as a way to fast-track your own progress (priceless)

Bonus #1: Make Your Marriage Last Kit

Bonus #2: Monthly Empowered Wife Session with Laura

Exclusive Bonuses for Joining this Masterclass:


Make Your Marriage Last Kit


  • How to Have Financial Intimacy Course
    (Includes 3 on-demand videos and workbooks)
  • The Feminine Approach to Sex Workshop
    (Includes 3 on-demand videos and workbooks)
  • The Irresistible Magnet Method
  • The Tender Husband Formula
RHW-Bonus 2

Monthly Empowered Wife Session with Laura


  • Access to a LIVE, monthly interactive Empowered Wife session with me
  • This is where you have the opportunity to get my brain on your marriage every month

Bonus Package

$1,285 Value

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About Laura


Laura Doyle is a New York Times bestselling author, marriage expert,
and the creator of
Ridiculously Happy Wife.

When her marriage was falling apart decades ago, she tried everything. Her last ditch effort was to ask happy wives for their secrets. Some of their advice didn’t even make sense to her, but she tried it all. And that’s when she got her miracle.

She wrote a book about what she learned, and it went to #1 on Amazon, became a New York Times bestseller, and was translated into 19 languages in 30 countries.

That’s how Laura accidentally started a worldwide movement of women who practice The Six Intimacy Skills™ (the foundation of The Ridiculously Happy Wife program) that make marriages easy, playful and passionate.

She wrote more books, including her new Amazon bestseller, The Empowered Wife, and started an international relationship coaching school where she trains coaches to help her on her mission to end world divorce. Laura is also the host of The Empowered Wife Podcast and starred in the Empowered Wives series on Amazon Prime.

But the thing she’s most proud of is her playful, passionate, 31-year marriage with her hilarious husband John, who has been dressing himself since before she was born.

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These skills work. I never thought my husband would come around. I heard all the positive stories and truly thought, yes it works for all the other couples but my husband is different... I guess I was wrong... it's working on him. Sherri, Empowered Wife
I can't express how deeply grateful I am for Laura Doyle and all the coaches, and for each of you women who have helped me in the journey. Never in a million years would I have believed I would be where I am today; marriage better than ever and relationship with my kids is better than ever. Overwhelmed with gratitude! Denise, Empowered Wife
I am extremely grateful for this journey, for the gifted coaches and the love, compassion, and respect of this group. To anyone new, give yourself 90 days in the program. You will never regret it. Samantha, Empowered Wife
I think I have my miracle. I came to this program desperate. We couldn't go a day without a blow up. Four months late things aren't perfect but my hero is back and so is my love story. He initiates intimacy, he tells me he loves me, he tells me I'm worth it, he told me on Thanksgiving I was the woman of his dreams. The skills ARE my miracle. Candace, Empowered Wife
My husband and I recently got into one of our negative patterns. Tired of being in the same pattern, I took a chance [with the Intimacy Skills]. What came next was magical - he thanked me and then started expressing gratitude to me and then even took ownership for his part in the dynamic for the first time ever!! And then told me all the ways he wants to protect and care for by not doing this pattern again. I got what I needed and way more by using the skills and intimacy was restored very quickly. Jennifer, Empowered Wife
This program got me through the hardest time in my life and allowed me to find myself again and to attract my husband home again. I will forever be grateful to LD and everyone involved in this program. Thank you for the bottom of my heart for the support and direction to achieve my miracle and most importantly teaching me how to reconnect with me. Vikki, Empowered Wife
I LOVE the live coaching calls, the monthly LD calls and the ability to listen to the recorded sessions with LD and Coach Kathy! This program is AMAZING and I have completely changed my approach to relationships and life. I cannot thank you all enough. I loved the accessibility of the information, the ease of the structure and ability to work through things as I was able. Hillary, Empowered Wife
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There’s no risk for first-time students. Our programs consistently attract the BEST students because we have a strict “do the work” return policy in place. We are confident that if you complete the program and implement what you learn, you WILL get results. If you are a first-time student and DO THE WORK but are not satisfied, you may request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

How long is the Ridiculously Happy Wife program?

It’s a monthly membership so you can stop whenever you want, but most women never want leave because once they experience The Connection Framework their marriage thrives because they’re both getting what they need. In fact, one of our students, Julie, was telling me recently that when she left the campus and thought she could do it on her own, her husband actually said, “Can you get some more of that?” He noticed a difference when she wasn’t engaging with the Connection Framework. My hope is that you stay as long as it’s serving and strengthening your marriage.

What do I tell my husband about why I want to spend the money?

Some women enroll without even telling their husbands, because they know it’s going to work. This is an opportunity for you to say, “yes” to yourself. If you say yes to spending money on your kids, and countless other things, but you’re not investing in yourself or your marriage, you can’t expect your marriage to last.

But for some of you, you’re going to have to have a conversation with your husband. Being too helpful is one of the common behaviors that is putting your marriage at risk. And if this is something you want to do, then you could just say, “I want to enroll in a program to learn how to be a more respectful wife.” Because that’s how he sees you when you stop being so helpful, is more respectful, which is more attractive. We hear many times that husbands just hand over the credit card when this conversation happens. They want to know how soon she can start.

I read the book The Empowered Wife and I love it, but how do I make it stick?

Reading a book, like the Empowered Wife, is only one piece of the Connection Framework, which is the Intimacy Skills. Without the other three pillars of the Connection Framework, you won’t have lasting change, and your marriage will continue to feel like a roller coaster.

Just like learning a new language. It’s great to have the right information to finally fix your relationship, but it can be tricky to implement the Intimacy Skills that you learned in the book on your own. What we’ve seen in thousands of marriages is that it sure helps to have access to the entire Connection Framework, not just the Intimacy Skills. And that’s why I created The Ridiculously Happy Wife membership. So get in there!

How long before I start seeing results?

Most women report that they experience a big improvement in about two weeks. So that’s why we have the 14-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do we actually get help from your team in The Ridiculously Happy Wife program?

Definitely! You have unlimited group coaching calls with our coaches, plus our customer experience team is standing by to answer your questions, and you can bring all your questions to our private Adored Wife Community on Circle, and get support fixing your marriage there too.

And every month you have the opportunity to get my brain on your relationship during our interactive EW Session. So we have a whole team standing for you and your marriage.

What if I don’t have time to implement this program?

So many wives and moms I know have so many demands on them and limited time, so I get that. If you’re anything like I was, these common behaviors that we talked about during the masterclass that are putting your marriage at risk actually cost you even more time and energy with the daily drama and tension in your marriage.

I know for me that when I got the Connection Framework I felt like I had more time than ever before and I got to write bestselling books and start an international coaching organization with my energy and time surplus. So it’s kind of interesting to think about what might emerge for you if you didn’t have to spend so much time and energy on a struggling marriage.

I can only join for one month, is it still worth it?

If you’re asking if it’s worth it for you to join for just one month, the answer is yes! Absolutely. So if you can only come for one month, sign up now so you don’t miss the bonuses.

How frequent are the coaching calls?

You’ll have access to coaching calls every day Monday through Friday at different times of the day to accommodate various time zones, since we have students from all over the globe on our campus. Or, if you decide to add private coaching calls you’ll schedule those according to the best time for your schedule..

What is the meaning of group coaching?

The groups are led by one of our certified coaches who has experienced this transformation through the Connection Framework in her own life and is actively coaching others. One thing I can say for sure is that our coaches are never surprised by any situation happening in your marriage.

In this masterclass we shared with you three common behaviors that are putting your marriage at risk. What we see is there are also common mistakes that the majority of our students make implementing the Intimacy Skills. It’s just human nature to think we can do it on our own. That’s why we’ve offered unlimited group coaching as part of this program, because it’s much harder to go it alone. The coaching provides the inspiration and motivation you need to continue to implement the skills and continue to grow and thrive in your marriage. If the only thing you do is come to multiple group coaching calls a month, the value would be well-worth it and your marriage would thrive.

Will this work if HE is controlling?

One of the most common things we hear from our students before joining is this very thing, that my husband is the controlling one. This is such a simple challenge to solve once you implement the Connection Framework. What you’ll learn is that you have way more influence in the relationship than you think. We hear from women consistently that they have a new husband in about two weeks. So if this is your situation, let me tell you, if you want a new husband in two weeks, join today.

Can these things work on a husband that filed divorce and is no longer here with me? There are not many opportunities for interaction.

That’s so lonely and scary. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many of our students, and it’s exactly why we do what we do. Because we believe in repairing marriages through the Connection Framework so you can ultimately have a marriage that lasts.

This reminds me of a student who was a guest on my podcast talking about how her husband decided to divorce her and he meant it because five months later they were divorced. Three months to the day of that divorce later they were remarried. But what she shared on that podcast was how she credits the elements of the Connection Framework which were so powerful that it led to her husband coming back. What’s even more amazing is that they’re now remarried and have a baby girl. It’s stories like that that keep us committed to this work. And we have numerous stories like this, and that’s how I know it’s possible for you.

Can I cancel anytime?


Will this work if there’s another woman in the picture?

Awww, that’s so painful and discouraging. Unfortunately, this is also very common on our campus. But we have an expression here, because we see this play out time and time again. A wife with the Connection Framework trumps the other woman every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Absolutely this can work, because the Connection Framework is an unfair advantage. Give yourself this unfair advantage and join today. I can’t wait to hear about your marriage being saved.

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